Help! I think my pet was poisoned!

If you think your pet has contact with a poison of any kind, you should follow the following 3 steps:

1. Assess your pet’s condition.

Perform a quick check of your pet’s respiration ability and rate, gum or tongue color, heart rate, ability to stand and rectal temperature.

2. Stabilize your pet.

Stabilizing your pet is a priority. If vomiting, be sure the airway is open to breathe. If your pet is not breathing you may consider performing mild chest compressions. If bleeding, apply pressure manually with a towel or a wrap. In performing any of these functions, take care not to get bitten.

3. Decontaminate the area.

If a source of the poisoning is discovered, remove it to prevent additional toxic exposure to other people or pets.

Fortunately, Emergency Pet Centers exist in our area that are staffed with trained personnel and open after hours in case of an emergency when Fischer Veterinary is closed. Please call us for more information if your pet comes into contact with poison.

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