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    Valentine’s Day Toxins

    Feb 07 2014

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and Cupid fluttering around,  you may be bringing home candies, flowers or other goodies.  Unfortunately, some of these well-intentioned gifts can be toxic…

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    Halloween Safety Tips

    Oct 29 2013

    Halloween is here! Whether you are taking your pets out trick-or-treating or staying home and passing out candy, be sure to follow these helpful tips to make your pet’s holiday…

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    Senior Pet Awareness

    Oct 24 2013

    Did you know that when your Cat or Dog reaches 7 years old, that they are considered a Senior? Join us this month of to celebrate Senior Pet Health Awareness…

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    Heartworm Disease in Dogs

    Oct 16 2013

    Every dog that is not on monthly heartworm prevention is at risk for acquiring heartworm disease. Heartworms are transmitted through mosquitos. If your pet is bitten by a mosquito that…

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    Paint your Pet

    Sep 20 2013

    Have you visited Painting with a Twist here in New Braunfels? On Thursday, September 20, 2013, Novartis and Fischer Veterinary Clinic attended a Paint Your Pet class and painted our fur babies! Check…

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    Healthy Pet Treats

    Sep 16 2013

    Banana Bites When you think of foods that make your furry friend flip, bananas probably don’t immediately come to mind. While it’s true that fruit isn’t usually at the top…

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    New Braunfels Animal Control Ordinances and Rabies Awareness

    Sep 05 2013

    The City of New Braunfels Animal Control has asked us to remind you of all the city ordinances and provide a little rabies awareness. Vaccinations: A vaccination against rabies is…

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    Do you want to win an iPad Mini?

    Aug 26 2013

    We want your help.  We are looking for honest reviews of our practice.  To show our appreciation, we are giving away an iPad Mini to one lucky winner!  Your review…