Summertime Preventative Services

preventAs many of know, Texas summers can be quite enjoyable with all the different activities that Texas offers. However, summers can also have several things that can cause harm to our pets or be a nuisance to pet owners.

This first important issue with summer is the heat. Our four legged friends do not sweat like people so they disperse their body heat differently. They do this by panting which evaporates heat. This means that is very important to provide a cool place for your pet to rest, plenty of water, and a source of air movement such as a fan if possible. Never leave your pet in the car if it is not running. Car temperatures rise much quicker and higher than the outside temperature and can be deadly to pets. It’s also important to note that certain dogs are more heat sensitive. These include Bull dogs, brachycephalic breeds (smooshed face dogs), long coated breeds, giant breed dogs (mastiffs, great danes etc.), senior dogs, and overweight dogs.

A second important issue with summer is allergies. Seasonal allergies tend to flare around spring and summer time. The most common symptom seen with allergies is itching. Other symptoms noted can be skin infections, ear infections, eye drainage, and coughing and sneezing. Pets can also have mosquito hypersensitivities and allergies to fleas. Sores around the face and ears and itching around the base of tail are the most common symptoms noted. There are many products and medications that can alleviate these symptoms in your pet. If you have noticed any of these, please contact us today to see how we can help your pet.

Another important issue with summer is parasites. They were somewhat mentioned above in relation to allergies but besides allergies, these parasites come with their own issues. One parasite to keep in mind is mosquitos. They carry heartworms which can be deadly to both cats and dogs. There are many of preventatives for heartworms that will keep your pet safe. Our favorite choices are Sentinel for dogs (also controls 80% of flea population) and Revolution for cats. Other parasites are fleas and ticks. Not only are fleas and ticks creepy and crawly, they can also harbor diseases that can affect our pets. Our favorite preventatives for adult fleas are Bravecto for dogs (will treat fleas and ticks) and Revolution for cats (will treat fleas). It’s also important to note that these parasites are found year round, especially mosquitos so heartworm prevention needs to be year round.

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